The BWU Labour College


To promote workers’ education for the improvement of the quality of life for all members.


The Barbados Workers’ Union Labour College, the residential educational arm of the Barbados Workers’ Union was opened on 20th September, 1974 as a result of the pressing need which was recognised for an institution of this nature to cater to the needs of the membership of the union.



Training Programme

The Barbados Workers’ Union is pleased to publish its Labour College Programmes for the period January to December 2016.  Also published is the Labour College Brochure for 2016.

As always, the education and training programme is grounded in the philosophy of the Union, with a commitment to the general education of the membership in areas impacting them as workers and citizens.

Union members interested in participating in any of these workshops can either place a call to the Labour College or contact their Shop Steward and indicate their desire to participate.

Interested persons should also be aware that specific programmes not listed may be conducted on request, as long as circumstances permit. Additionally please note, that specified dates may be changed from time to time.

For further information please contact:
Doreen Deane 
(246) 426-3492 ext. 243
Wilma Clement/Coreen Gibson
(246) 426-3492 ext. 240/143
Marcia Small-Burrowes/Serena Browne
(246) 426-3492 ext. 246/244

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