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Who's Who

The Executive Council

The government of the Union and the conduct of its business shall be in the hands of the Executive Council   (Rule 8 (i) : Rules and Regulations of the Barbados Workers' Union)

Linda Brooks  President General
Carol Boyce
Shawn Knight
Howard Griffith
Vice Presidents
Washbrook Bayne Treasurer
Toni Moore General Secretary



Madeleine Blenman  Milton Griffith
Frederick Bovell Carlton Hope
Wesley Chase  Kent Jerson
Caleb Clarke Neville Kirton 
Henry Codrington Kim Lascelles
Heather Coward-Downes Geoffrey Mapp
Jeffrey Grant  Gerard Prescod
Grantley Green  Desmond Roach
Janice Griffith Winston Roach



Hugh Arthur  Lemuel Daniel
Ethrill Crichlow  



The General Secretary is the Chief  Executive Officer of the Union. The General Secretary is elected by ballot at an Annual Conference and holds office during the pleasure of the Union.

The General Secretary shall conduct the business of the Union in accordance with the rules and shall carry out the instructions of the Annual Conference and of the Executive Council (Rule 9 : ii, Rules and Regulations of the Barbados Workers' Union).


The Administration

Headquarters Senior Staff

 Mrs Toni Moore

General Secretary

 Miss Destry Jones

Deputy General Secretary/Financial Controller

 Dwaine Paul

Deputy General Secretary/Director of Industrial Relations

 Mrs Evette Gibson

Senior Assistant General Secretary

 Orlando Scott

Senior Assistant General Secretary - Public Relations/ Occupational Safety & Health


Miss Sindy Green

Executive Assistant to the General Secretary

Mrs. Krista Atherley

Assistant General Secretary - Administration


Miss Noreen Boxill

Assistant General Secretary - Finance

Miss Katrina Browne

Research Officer

Miss Janelle Farley 

Research Officer

Miss Davida Forde                        Research Officer

Mrs. Juliet Pollard

Senior Industrial Relations Officer
Miss Nancy Solomon Senior Industrial Relations Officer
Miss Dionne Howard Industrial Relations Officer  
Miss Lisa Holder Industrial Relations Officer

Sean Scott

Industrial Relations Officer

Michael Alleyne

Industrial Relations Officer

Cameron Layne                          Industrial Relations Officer

Labour College Senior Staff

Mrs. Doreen Deane


Miss Wilma Clement

Assistant General Secretary/ Tutor  

Miss Coreen Gibson Assistant General Secretary/  Tutor

Mrs. Marcia Small-Burrowes


Adolphus Hurdle

Maintenance Supervisor

Miss Allison Howell

Kitchen Supervisor