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The BWU Celebrates World Day for Decent Work
Tuesday, 02 October 2018 09:27

The Barbados Workers’ Union will be joining workers around the world to celebrate World Day for Decent Work under the theme, “Change the Rules” on Sunday, October 7 and in the following days.

This year’s theme, “Change the Rules”, highlights the deeply entrenched injustice of the global economic system alongside shrinking democratic space and deteriorating labour rights in many countries. This year the focus is on the world struggle for living minimum wages and a pay rise for all workers. In this regard the B.W.U. will be continuing the mobilisation campaign, which it launched last year, in support of marginalised workers such as domestic workers, security guards, service station employees. Additionally the BWU will seek to highlight the plight of these workers during the Annual Regional Youth Seminar which will be convened at the Frank Walcott Labour College at Mangrove, St. Philip.

According to the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, under whose aegis World Day for Decent Work is celebrated, the rules are stacked against working people, and that is why we have unprecedented and destructive levels of economic inequality and insecurity while a small number of global conglomerates like Amazon amass incalculable riches for a few. She argues that there is enough wealth in the world to meet the challenges of our time –creating decent work for all, ensuing universal social protection, tackling climate change and all the other things that need to be done to ensure that people can live in dignity on a sustainable planet.

Ms. Burrow’s view is that the rules need to change, and to achieve that, we need to build workers’ power.

The World Day for Decent Work is an important milestone on the way to the ITUC’s World Congress which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December, where the workers will finalise an ambitious and comprehensive trade union agenda for change and economic renewal.

Ms. Burrow stated that this year unions and other progressive movements will mobilise around October 7 to show their determination to reclaim democratic space and overhaul the rules of the global economy through organising, campaigning and advocating for a better world.


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