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Fraternal Address To The BWU On The Occasion Of Its 77th Anniversary
Thursday, 30 August 2018 09:05

The General Secretary of the National Union of Public Workers, Sister Roslyn Smith, in her “greetings” at the BWU’s 77th Annual Delegates’ Conference, congratulated the B.W.U. for “its 77 years of relentless agitation for workers’ rights and the protection of those rights”.

She stated: “The National Union of Public Workers stands in solidarity with you, our brothers and sisters, of the Barbados Workers’ Union on this auspicious occasion. It is with great pleasure that on behalf of the governing bodies, Secretariat and members of the National Union of Public Workers, I present this fraternal address in the name of solidarity.

“Congratulations on 77 years of relentless agitation for workers’ rights and the protection of those rights; your efforts have lent greatly to the enhancement of the Trade Union movement.

“77 years represent more than just time; on this occasion it also represents strength, fortitude, and adaptability – especially in the constantly changing world in which Trade Unions find themselves.

“ 77 years ago, many would agree that, even though there were challenges for workers and the Trade Unions which represented those workers, the challenges reflected the simplicity, in most respects, of that time.

“Fast-tracking to today’s society; in the face of Globalisation, merging business entities, structural adjustment programmes, trading blocs, and the side effects which affect workers, Trade Unions, such as yours, have been required to bend, twist, rise to the occasion, and deliver for their members.

“Through observance and with the length of time your Organisation has been in operation, coupled with your achievements, it is clear that the Barbados Workers’ Union can boast of self-actualization in its 77th year of existence.

“The National Union of Public Workers has stood with the Barbados Workers’ Union throughout the decades in celebration and perceived defeat. B.W.U.’s triumphs are NUPW’s triumphs; B.W.U.’s defeats, show room for improvement within the NUPW, since Trade Unionism requires solidarity, especially in an era where the school of thought is ‘unions are no longer relevant’.

“In the current economic climate, where members of Trade Unions are vulnerable to the economic pressures faced by governments worldwide; it is of paramount importance that trade union bodies continue to stand firm to the acts which signify and represent solidarity. Such is required in negotiation, and where necessary, strike action – they are all still important. We must maintain a united front.

“It is with pleasure that we congratulate you, encourage and buttress the continued efforts of the Barbados Workers’ Union, in the continued fight for workers’ rights”.


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