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Decent Work for Domestic Workers' Launch
Friday, 29 September 2017 09:59

As part of its campaign to urge the Government to ratify ILO Convention 189 on Domestic Workers, the Barbados Workers’ Union (B.W.U.) will launch the “Decent Work for Domestic Workers” drive at its headquarters, “Solidarity House” on Saturday, October 7, beginning at 4:00 p.m.

The launch which signals the B.W.U.’s embrace of the domestic workers seeks to guarantee that there is no infringement of domestic workers’ rights to fair wages, overtime pay, paid vacation, human and labour rights, such as occupational safety and health. The B.W.U. is therefore calling on all domestic workers and interested citizens to rally in support of domestic workers as it seeks to bring about change for this category of workers.

The launch is appropriately being held on the 10th anniversary of The World Day for Decent Work, on which the 181 million member, Brussels-based International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is appealing for global mobilisation by trade union organisations to stand up for decent work, while calling on Governments to place decent work at the centre of their actions to bring back economic growth and build a new global economy that puts people first.

Of significant relevance to domestic workers, this year the global focus is on the world struggle for minimum wages and a pay rise for all workers. Trade unions are calling on governments to heed the call from working women and men for decent wages, safe and secure jobs, and an end to greedy corporations setting the rules for the economy. This means ensuring that minimum wage-floors must be enough to ensure a decent standard of living, and that all workers must have the right to join a trade union and bargain collectively.


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