The Future We Want-A Clarion Call for Renewal
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The Future We Want-A Clarion Call for Renewal

“The Future We Want”, the theme of the Barbados Workers’ Union’s 76th Annual Delegates’ Conference presents a clarion call for a renewed movement: a movement of workers that is reinvigorated to focus more on collective power than on personal grievance.

And the Executive Council of the B.W.U. is of the view that the future we want must be an agenda focused on the people whom the B.W.U. serves and that further this renewed agenda must emerge through discussions with, and among the people whom the organisation serves.

The 76th Annual Report is calling on the Conference to adopt that agenda and unleash among other things a clearer perspective of the B.W.U., and its ability to rally the many, who at present, are experiencing hopelessness as they continue to see their dreams being squeezed out of their reach. The Report is recommending that key elements of the debate at the Conference should therefore provide responses to a number of issues such as jobs, job security, wealth distribution, violence, the environment and the extent of Labour’s continued socio-economic and political influence.

The Report has suggested that it is easily recognisable that there is a well-organised opposition to the Labour Movement in Barbados from which the B.W.U. is not spared in the main

“From employers wishing to repeal key protections provided for in the recent piece of legislation which was enacted to offer workers minimal protection, to Government’s violation, unintended or other wise, of the public servants and the wider public, Labour has been struggling to stave off several attacks, including blame for everything that goes wrong in the labour market and the society,” the Report stated.