BWU 76th ADC Being Staged Against Unstable Climate
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BWU 76th ADC Being Staged Against Unstable Climate

As the Barbados Workers’ Union prepares for the staging of its Annual Delegates’ Conference at “Solidarity House’ under the theme, “the Future We Want”, its Executive Council is suggesting that the Conference is being observed, among other things, within the context of an unstable industrial relations climate, a severely threatened fiscal space, increased pressure on workers in efforts to revitalize the economy and elevated levels of job insecurity.

The B.W.U.’s 76th Annual Report states that such instability is made far worse by evidence of the not so subtle stance of those in power to debar dissenting views from gaining expression, meet challenge with insult and combat, or simply to ignore constructive criticism.

“The representative voice of the worker is under threat”, states the Report and “to speak or not to speak…becomes the question”.

The Report states that our democracy is working, but it comes at a price especially for too many hapless and vulnerable citizens who have been shafted by the same systems that have benefitted the rich.

The Report stated the Executive Council is well able to recount the many situations where people who feel strongly on issues, refused to speak up and pointed out that, besides being afraid, many suffer in silence because there is widespread disillusionment that speaking up will not lead to positive change.

According to the Report, the B.W.U. has thus been challenged to inspire its followers to recognise that doing nothing is never an option; the Union has been at pains to convince the masses that when good men do nothing, then nothing good gets done. In fact, not to speak is to speak and not to act is to act.”

“In short, during the past year the Executive Council has had repeatedly to beseech its membership at the enterprise and at the national levels to avoid silence and inaction which would, in fact, undermine our legacy”, the report recalled.