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The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’…
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The BWU Celebrates World Day for Decent Work

The Barbados Workers’ Union will be joining workers around the world to celebrate World Day for Decent Work under the theme, “Change the Rules” on Sunday, October 7 and in the following days.

This year’s theme, “Change the Rules”, highlights the deeply entrenched injustice of the global economic system alongside shrinking democratic space and deteriorating labour rights in many countries. This year the focus is on the world struggle for living minimum wages and a pay rise for all workers. In this regard the B.W.U. will be continuing the mobilisation campaign, which it launched last year, in support of marginalised workers such as domestic workers, security guards, service station employees. Additionally the BWU will seek to highlight the plight of these workers during the Annual Regional Youth Seminar which will be convened at the Frank Walcott Labour College at Mangrove, St. Philip.

According to the International Trade Union Congress (ITUC) General Secretary, Sharan Burrow, under whose aegis World Day for Decent Work is celebrated, the rules are stacked against working people, and that is why we have unprecedented and destructive levels of economic inequality and insecurity while a small number of global conglomerates like Amazon amass incalculable riches for a few. She argues that there is enough wealth in the world to meet the challenges of our time –creating decent work for all, ensuing universal social protection, tackling climate change and all the other things that need to be done to ensure that people can live in dignity on a sustainable planet.

Ms. Burrow’s view is that the rules need to change, and to achieve that, we need to build workers’ power.

The World Day for Decent Work is an important milestone on the way to the ITUC’s World Congress which will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, in December, where the workers will finalise an ambitious and comprehensive trade union agenda for change and economic renewal.

Ms. Burrow stated that this year unions and other progressive movements will mobilise around October 7 to show their determination to reclaim democratic space and overhaul the rules of the global economy through organising, campaigning and advocating for a better world.

Edward Evelyn Greaves, GCM, 1940-2018

The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’ Union (B.W.U.) is deeply saddened at the sudden passing of its former Deputy General Secretary, Edward Evelyn Greaves, G.C.M, 78, who died in Barbados on Saturday, 23 September, 2018.

Comrade Greaves, who joined the staff of the B,W.U. in 1968 as Head of the Labour College, went on to distinguish himself in the field of trade unionism, particularly in the area of worker education as well as in politics, and diplomacy. He was the Parliamentary Representative for the parish of St. Lucy, from 1971 to 1981 and during the period 1986 to 1994, he served in the Cabinet of Prime Ministers (Rt. Excellent) Errol Walton Barrow and (Sir) Lloyd Erskine Sandiford. His devotion to service and his wide-ranging career in public life also included a stint in the Senate from 1981 to 1986, Secretary/Treasurer, acting, of the Caribbean Congress of Labour, Senior Workers’ Specialist at the ILO Office in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, and latterly as Barbados’s High Commissioner to Canada.

Comrade Greaves made an indelible and enduring contribution to the spread of trade union education and the resulting stability of the industrial relations system in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean in his position as the Head of the BWU Labour College which was established at Mangrove, St. Philip in September of 1974. The Labour College, from its inception in September, 1974, has had an open door policy in relation to the training of workers from affiliates of the Caribbean Congress of Labour. Prior to Comrade Greaves’ engagement as Head of the College and later as Principal, trade union education was carried out on a seasonal basis, at first with the “Summer Schools” which were conducted at Codrington College in St. John and later at the Union’s property, “Unity House”, on Roebuck Street in Bridgetown. Greaves’ work in trade union education was further expanded with his appointment as Senior Workers’ Specialist at the ILO Office in Port-of-Spain where he was responsible for the coordination of worker training and education from Suriname in the south to Belize in the northwest of the region.

Apart from his contribution to the workforce in Barbados in the area of trade union education, Comrade Greaves was the founder President of the Barbados Workers’ Union Cooperative Credit Union, which was established in October of 1983. That institution had a humble start in a room at “Solidarity House” before its move to the building which housed the original headquarters of the Union at the corner of Fairchild and Nelson Streets.

Comrade Greaves was honoured with the award of The Gold Crown of Merit for his outstanding contribution to the trade union movement in Barbados.

Comrade Greaves’ many successes in public life came as no surprise to those who knew him as he had devoted his entire life to the service of his fellowman. From his youth onward, he invested much of his energies and resources in the institutions especially the church and clubs in the rural parish of St. Lucy where he was born, raised and served as a Parliamentarian. That spirit of service and charity was clearly manifested in his professional pursuits in the disciplines of trade unionism, politics, and in diplomacy, and this was strongly evidenced by the tremendous outpouring of love and respect as contained in the statements made by friends work colleagues and observers following his passing.

Educated at Coleridge and Parry, Harrison College, the University of the West Indies and Rutgers University, his was a life well lived. He took full advantage of the opportunities which came his way. As has been reflected in the developmental role he played at St. Clement’s Anglican Church, he acknowledged the divinity of his Creator, treasured family life and was charitable to those in need.

The Executive Council of the Barbados Workers’ Union extends its sympathy to his wife, Francilia, his daughters Laura-Lynn and Stacy, his grandchildren, as well as his siblings and the other members of the Greaves family.

The Barbados Workers’ Union Executive Council: 2018-2020

The 77th Annual Delegates’ Conference of the Barbados Workers’ Union drew to a successful close on the evening of Saturday, 1st September with the announcement of the Executive Council members who will serve for the period, 2018 to 2020.

The Executive Council is headed by the President General, Comrade Linda Brooks, O.B.E. (Panagraphix Inc.), who was re-elected unopposed. The other officers are Winston Roach (Barbados Water Authority), Treasurer and the General Secretary, Senator Toni Moore. The Vice Presidents are Carol Boyce (Barbados Water Authority), Shawn Knight (Cable and Wireless) and Howard Griffith (Barbados Light and Power Company Limited).

The three Trustees are Comrades Lemuel Daniel and Hugh Arthur (former presidents general) and Ethrill Crichlow, a former Vice President.

The eighteen members who will serve on the Executive Council are O’Neal Adams, Frederick Bovell (Transport Board), Wesley Chase (Sugar Council), Caleb Clarke (Sandy Lane Hotel), Henry Codrington (Barbados Water Authority), Jeffrey Grant (National Housing Corporation), Grantley Green (BNOC), Janice Griffith, Carlton Hope (Barbados Port Inc), Kent Jerson (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation), Geoffrey Mapp (UWI, Cave Hill Campus), Alphonso Pollard (Croton Inn), Gerard Prescod (Accreditation Council), Desmond Roach (Customs), Rico Simpson (Air Traffic Management), Maria Watkins (Fairmont Hotels), Dale Williams (Barbados Port Inc) and Yolanda Yarde (Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation).

An Interview with the General Secretary

Click below to listen to the General Secretary's interview with the media on Saturday 1 September 2018.


2018 BWU Netball Tournament

The Minister of Sports, the Honourable John King will declare open the Barbados Workers’ Union’s 39th Netball Tournament at the Netball Stadium, Waterford, St. Michael, on Sunday, September 9, starting at 4:00 p.m. Addresses will be delivered by the General Secretary of the B.W.U., Senator Toni Moore and the President of the Barbados Netball Association, Nisha Craigwell.

Thirty-one teams will be participating in the tournament which is divided into four Zones – The Sir Roy Zone, the Linda Brooks Zone, the Ulric Sealy Zone and the Gabby Scott Zone.

The Sir Roy Trotman Zone comprises the following teams: B.W.U. Diamonds, Goodride Yorkshire Ballers, Police Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Chickmont Ballers, Bryden’s Stokes, Wolverines and BRC Ballers.

The Linda Brooks Zone is composed of the B.W.U. Diamonds, Blue Blazers, Wolverines, Chickmont Ballers, Rapid Response, Sunny Villa Rentals, St. James Stilettos, Warriors Sports Club and NIS Ballers.
The Ulric Sealy Zone is made up of the St. James Stilettos, UWI SSA, Police Boys’ and Girls’ Club, Warriors Sports Club, Jetstars Grazettes Ballers, Eastern All Stars and PSB Sports Social Club.

The Gabby Scott Zone consists of the Aleen Blazers, St. George Lions, Blue Blazers, Supreme Ballers, Grazettes Ballers, RT Ballers and the Vixens.

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